One of the most popular ice cream stands in the Hudson Valley has announced that it will be completely shut down this week so a television show can take over for filming.

It used to be a pretty big deal when a television show or movie would film in the Hudson Valley. Way back when the Paul Neuman movie Nobody's Fool was shot in Beacon, Fishkill, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and other surrounding towns it was all anyone could talk about. Since then, there's been an explosion of productions that have taken place throughout the region. At any given time there are usually several major Hollywood projects going on. It's gotten to the point that most people don't even bat an eye when they see cameras rolling in their hometown.

No ice cream this week

With an influx of camera crews come the inevitable annoyances of shut-down streets, rerouted traffic and, this week, the closure of a favorite ice cream spot. It turns out that an insanely popular television series will be taking over Weir's Ice Cream on Route 94 in Salisbury Mills. A message on the ice cream stand's Facebook page alerted customers that it would not be open on Tuesday, May 9 and Wednesday, May 10 due to a major production that involved changing the signs and facade of the business.

Facebook/Weir's Ice Cream/Google Maps
Facebook/Weir's Ice Cream/Google Maps

A popular spot for filming

This isn't the first time Weir's has shut down thanks to Hollywood. Back in 2017 Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese were spotted at the popular ice cream stand as they filmed scenes for their Netflix movie, The Irishman. Crews spent weeks constructing a miniature golf course next to the ice cream stand for a scene where De Niro's character takes his family out for ice cream and a round of mini golf with Jimmy Hoffa.

New production transforms the building

The iconic Weir's sign can be seen prominently in The Irishman, which resulted in a surge of visitors looking to explore the movie's filming locations. This new production, however, is taking the extra step to transform the entire business into a fictional ice cream shop. A Facebook posting from Weir's Ice Cream shows two elaborate set pieces have been erected on the building, turning it into "Millwood Creamery." While it's not mentioned which television series is filming at the ice cream stand, many have figured out that it's the HBO series, Pretty Little Liars, which is set in the community of Millwood, Pennsylvania.

Weir's to reopen soon

While filming will shut down the popular ice cream shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, it appears that Weir's will reopen for business as usual on Thursday. Production crews sign detailed agreements with home and business owners that are used as sets. This usually includes returning the building to exactly the way it looked before which can include extensive carpentry and repainting.

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