A New York lawmaker called out major companies for allegedly leaving behind toxic lead cables that are "poisoning communities."

Hudson Valley Congressman Pat Ryan is calling out companies like Verizon & AT&T to disclose locations of toxic lead cables being left abandoned across the region.

Hudson Valley Congressman Pat Ryan Calls Out Verizon, AT&T

In July 2023, Democratic New York Congressman Pat Ryan wrote to the CEOs of several companies demanding that they remove "toxic lead cables" that he says "are poisoning communities" across Hudson Valley and the United States.

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Lead Cable Found At Wappingers Falls, New York Playground

The cables are either buried in the ground or they are aerial, like one in Wappingers Falls that runs along a children's playground, according to Ryan.

Google Maps
Google Maps

"I am particularly concerned about the reporting of these lead-sheathed cables in playgrounds and in communities across New York’s 18th Congressional District. These mostly obsolete and, in many cases, abandoned cables have been leaching lead into the ground in my community, placing children and families at risk of lead poisoning," Ryan said in his letter.

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Congressman Pat Ryan Demands Verizon and AT&T Clean Up Their Mess, Remove Lead Cables From Hudson Valley and Across United States

Ryan, the former Ulster County Executive, took to social media this week after the EPA announced it would be lowering recommended screening levels and strengthening guidance for investigating and cleaning up lead-contaminated grounds in residential areas where children live and play.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Ryan wants the companies to be held accountable and ensure testing is done.

"There is no safe level of lead for kids. Yet Verizon & AT&T are knowingly exposing our children to toxic lead cables," Ryan said. "(The)EPA decision makes it even more clear: Verizon and AT&T must disclose the locations of their toxic lead cables and commit to robust testing now."

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