You may have heard the news that later this Spring we get to view a Solar Eclipse in New York. The Path isn't directly over the Hudson Valley. The path will cross about 124 miles of Western New York at the Allegheny Mountains then move Northeast to the Adirondacks.

The last eclipse I remember seeing was in the Hudson Valley.  The Great American Eclipse in August of 2017. It was an awesome sight and hopefully, I held on to my viewing glasses for use during the eclipse we are expected to see in April of this year.

Why You Should Not Look Directly at New York's Solar Eclipse

The simplest way to phrase why you don't look at an eclipse is you will hurt your eyes. NASA Science, like almost everyone you ask says under no circumstances should you look at a Solar Eclipse without protective eye gear. Even camera lenses and binoculars need special filters to make them safe.

What is referred to as the "totality" is the only time you can look directly at the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Visible Across Swath Of U.S.
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Looking at the sun can cause Solar Retinopathy. In other words, burn your retina. Arpansa explains that the retina has no sensitivity to pain so you won't realize you have damaged your eyes until it is too late. The effect on the retina may not be realized until later.

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NASA even goes as far as saying that sunscreen is also encouraged if you are going to watch the whole time. The process can take hours from start to finish. Watching the entire eclipse means you will be in the sun for an extended time.

Fun Ways to Look at the New York Solar Eclipse

If you can't locate protective eye gear there are other fun ways to watch the eclipse. Find any object that lets light through and creates a shadow. You can watch the moon move across the Sun's path to the Earth in something as silly as a Ritz Cracker or a Moon Pie.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum put together an informative YouTube video that demonstrates a lot of objects you can use including your own hands. They also give tips on how to keep your eyes safe while you watch.

New York Promotes Travel to See the Eclipse in April 2024

We may not see the total eclipse from our vantage point in the Hudson Valley but that doesn't mean some local businesses are getting in on the celebration. Kingston Candy Bar is making a special Moon Pie for the event. And hey if you take the right bite out of it you might be able to use it to view the eclipse.

I say just one big bite out of the center should do it. Plus, you'll have an awesome snack after the eclipse is over.

Kingston Candy Bar via Facebook
Kingston Candy Bar via Facebook

New York State in partnership with "I Love NY" has also put together a travel plan. For those of us traveling from the Hudson Valley, you have two great choices depending on where you want to spend the rest of your time.

You can head to the Finger Lakes or the Adirondacks but don't forget to put in for a day off because April 8th is a Monday.

Great Casinos On the Way to the New York Solar Eclipse

Casinos Near the Hudson Valley

Casinos have been popping up everywhere over the last few years and the Hudson Valey now not only has its own casino but we are also a short drive a wait to many others in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. All of these spots can be done in a day but why not make a weekend out of it and enjoy the food, drink, and gaming?

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