Here we go again...The Beacon Dummy Light has been struck yet again.

Beacon Dummy Light Landmark Gets Updated

Back in December of 2023, the Beacon New York community was buzzing. Road crews were out and about on Main Street in Beacon surrounding the infamous Dummy Light.

It looked as though the crews were painting the base of the light a bright yellow, much more noticeable and harder to miss than the original dark green base.

J. Corley
J. Corley

Crews were also seen painting bright yellow lines on the road surrounding the light fixture. Many believed the update was due to the numerous times the light had been hit by Main Street Drivers.

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Back when the updates began I shared the information and wrote "Here's to hoping it's accident-free in 2024." Which I believe jinxed it.

Beacon, NY Landmark Gets Hit After New Updates

On Thursday, March 7th 2024, I was eating my words.

Several photos started making the rounds on social media of a car a little dinged up after driving directly into the Beacon Dummy Light.

As many point out, the Dummy Light might need a brighter yellow to avoid any more accidents.

Should Beacon's Historic Dummy Light Be Moved?

With the first publicized Dummy Light hit in the books for 2024, we have to ask: What can be done to avoid Dummy Light Accidents?

I think we can all agree that the Dummy Light stands at an extremely awkward point in the middle of the road between Main Street and East Main. Will moving the Dummy Light to the corner, near the train tracks help?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

It's a piece of Hudson Valley and New York State history as it's considered one of the oldest traffic lights in America and according to, only 3 Dummy Lights are left standing in the US.

At this rate, only 2 will be left standing if drivers keep hitting the Beacon Dummy Light.


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