Are the residents of Staatsburg, New York being haunted by a murdered fiddler?

Hudson Valley Haunted History Strikes Again

Maybe it's just me, but I love embracing the haunted history of New York State. Especially here in the Hudson Valley. Most of us who live or grew up in the region are familiar with some of the more popular lore and legends in our hometowns.

For instance, if you grew up in Poughkeepsie you just knew the Hudson River State Hospital was haunted. And, if you're anything like me, you were a bit worried when they tore it down to build the new Hudson Heritage Plaza that some kind of Ghostbuster-type reaction would happen.

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Thankfully, we came out unscathed. But there's a lesser-known local legend that may be keeping Dutchess County residents up at night.

Murdered Fiddler Haunting Staatsburg, New York?

Have I been living under a rock? Why have I never heard of the legend of The Fiddler's Ghost?

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In 2021,  The William G. Pomeroy Foundation dedicated a New York Lore and Legends sign in Staatsburg, New York in haunting honor of Fiddler's Ghost. Have you heard the story?

According to the legend shared by the foundation, back on September 7th, 1808 "an old fiddler who played at local dances and other hootenannies was robbed and murdered while walking home from a dance." Sadly, the fiddler's body was left abandoned on a bridge in the area connecting Pleasant Plains and Schultzville.

Since then, things have been...creepy. The Foundation writes:

Ever since, according to tradition, his ghost can be heard playing the fiddle on moonlit nights at the witching hour.

The bridge in which the fiddler was murdered is no longer standing, and when it was torn down the road it was on was properly named "Fiddler Bridge Road" to honor the fiddler.

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Google Maps

While the bridge is no longer, the legend and lore of Fiddlers Ghost lives on.

Legend says:

Though you will no longer see a bridge, and you will likely not see a fiddler, you might hear one sawing away if you visit on the right evening.


If you live in the Staatsburg area and have heard about Fiddler's Ghost or have actually heard the fiddle being played, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to message us through the station app with your Fiddler's Ghost Story.

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