The real estate market is a tough place to be in 2024 in the Hudson Valley, but the fairy house market is starting to pick up.

Just kidding, sort of. We'll explain.

A magical experience awaits at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, New York starting this May.

Fairy House Hunt Returns to Poughkeepsie, New York

Locust Grove Estate will host their annual Fairy House Hunt starting weekends in May. Hidden among the gorgeous Locust Grove property children and adults alike can escape the real world and search for the most adorable fairy houses.

Locust Grove Estate, Facebook
Locust Grove Estate, Facebook

With spring in full bloom throughout the Hudson Valley, guests at the Fairy House Hunt at Locust Grove will get a full glimpse of the beautiful trees and flowers across the property. Locust Grove writes:

Each Fairy House celebrates and educates about a different heirloom flower, historic tree, and the pollinators that make them grow! You'll find some fabulous new houses and some of your perennial favorites!

It's a fun family event for the whole family, and Locust Grove encourages guests to strap on their fairy wings and dress up for the occasion.

Ticket Details For Locust Grove Fairy Hunt

Tickets are on sale now for Locust Grove's Fairy House Hunt and $10 on their website, children under 4 are free. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 and children are, of course, still free.

Locust Grove recommends purchasing tickets online as it will reserve your spot for the Fairy House Hunt that day. Fairy House hunts happen every weekend in May and June and on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27.

To learn more and purchase your tickets visit

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