A bakery that opened when the Beatles were still together is selling its family-run Hudson Valley business.

There are categories of local businesses that seem to be quickly disappearing from the Hudson Valley. I recently noted that there aren't many local florists that are still open. It seems that most people just go to the grocery store if they need flowers. Gone are the days of the local mom-and-pop flower shop where you'd drop in for some apology roses or order a boutonniere for the big dance.

Sadly, it seems that the local bakery is the latest business that's being threatened by grocery stores. Now equipped with elaborate kitchens, many people opt to pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread or a birthday cake at the supermarket instead of buying one from a locally-owned shop.

Newburgh New York Bakery

Newburgh, New York Bakery Selling Business After 50 Years

Last week we told you about the closure of the Cake Box Bakery in Kingston. In business since the 1960s, the bakery closed its doors for good last Monday, leaving the future of the iconic building on Fair Street up in the air.

Now, another long-time bakery is up for sale. Torino Bakery on Broadway in Newburgh was established in 1970.

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Since then, it's been family-owned and operated for the past 54 years. Known for its "good old fashioned" Italian baked goods, Torino has been a favorite for bread, cakes, cookies and pastries for generations.

According to their real estate listing, the building and all of its bakery equipment are being offered for $1.95 million. The large bakery on Broadway in Newburgh takes up three parcels of land and includes four apartments above.

Bakery Newburgh, New York
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A potential new owner could decide to continue to operate the business as a bakery or use the large piece of real estate for a different type of venture.

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