Believe it or not, the year 2023 has made history as the least-snowiest and warmest year on record in both Binghamton and Syracuse, New York.

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The recently released 2023 Annual Climate Summary reveals that both cities experienced above-normal temperatures and precipitation, but well below-average snowfall.

Starting with snowfall, both Binghamton and Syracuse saw the least amount of snow in a calendar year than ever before, according to the US National Weather Service Binghamton NY

Binghamton, known for its snowy winters, saw a remarkable absence of the white stuff, making it the least snowy calendar year on record. Similarly, Syracuse achieved the same record, breaking the previous record dated in 1950.

Not only did 2023 set records for low snowfall, but it also shattered expectations with its high temperatures. Binghamton, in particular, experienced the hottest year ever recorded. The heat persisted throughout the year, pushing temperatures to unprecedented levels and leaving Binghamton residents sweltering into the fall months.

In Binghamton, the average temperature was 49.9 degrees which broke the record high temperature average of 49.5 in 2012. Binghamton saw 45.67 inches of precipitation which was substantially less than the record-breaking 68.05 inches in 2011. Also, Binghamton only saw 46.2 inches of snow in 2023, beating out the 2006 record low of 46.2 inches of snow, making 2023 the least snowy year ever for Binghamton.

via US National Weather Service Binghamton NY
via US National Weather Service Binghamton NY

In Syracuse, the average temperature was 51.9 degrees, making it the third warmest year. The warmest year on record in Syracuse was in 2012 when the average temperature was 52.6 degrees. Syracuse saw 44.55 inches of precipitation which made it the 13th wettest year. The wettest year on record in Syracuse was in 1976 when Syracuse saw 58.17 inches of precipitation.

Additionally, Syracuse only received 55.8 inches of snow in 2023 making it the number one least snowy year on record, breaking the previous record of 66.8 inches in 1952.

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