New York has stepped into a new era where autonomous vehicles (AVs) are becoming more and more of a reality.

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With the new vehicle technology, innovations in traffic management will soon be required and will play a crucial role in optimizing road safety and efficiency.

What Are Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars or driverless cars, are vehicles capable of operating without any human involvement. These vehicles use advanced technologies and systems to sense their environment, navigate roads, and make driving decisions,

Why New York Traffic Lights May Have a 4th Color in the Future

Researchers at North Carolina State University have proposed a unique solution that could revolutionize traffic lights and that is the addition of a 4th color which would be white. This white traffic light would indicate to human drivers that AVs are efficiently managing the intersection ahead.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Congestion of Autonomous Vehicles

The primary goal of introducing a 4th color to traffic lights would be to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. With AVs communicating wirelessly with the white traffic light, they would be able to seamlessly navigate intersections without the need for human involvement which would optimize flow and reduce stop-and-go traffic.

Signaling for Human Drivers and Passengers

While AVs would directly communicate with the white traffic light, their purpose would be to a signal to human drivers and passengers. Seeing the white light would indicate to humans that AVs are operating in the area and that they should follow the lead of these autonomous vehicles. This visual cue would help promote understanding and cooperation between human-driven and autonomous vehicles. environment.

Addressing AV Safety and Transition Challenges

Implementing a 4th color in traffic lights to accommodate AVs does come with challenges. Ensuring a smooth transition and public understanding of the new signal would be critical to avoid confusion and potential accidents.

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