Tis the most wonderful time of the year for so many reasons. 

Everyone seems to be a bit happier during the holiday season. There's more hot chocolate, cinnamon and gingerbread drinks available to warm our bodies from the cold.

We can look forward to the exchanging and receiving of thoughtful Christmas gifts. The holiday season allows us to spend more time with our friends, family and co-workers.

The uplifting Christmas movies and music bring such joy into our lives.

What If We Could Visit A Museum That Was Based On Our Favorite Movie?

What if we were able to visit a museum that's filled with one of our favorite Christmas movie items? This may seem like a dream come true to some but it can actually happen in a town in upstate New York. Fans have traveled from all over the world to experience the meaning behind this small town. 

Take A Road Trip To An Iconic Christmas Movie Town In Upstate New York

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Have you ever heard of Seneca Falls? It's also known as the real Bedford Falls. Each year, this town celebrates a beloved Christmas movie. A Wonderful Life Festival takes place every December during the second weekend. 

However, their museum is open all year round for fans to visit and explore.

Have You Ever Watched The Christmas Movie, It's A Wonderful Life?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Known for being one of the most iconic and watched Christmas movies, fans can explore a museum dedicated to this movie.

It' A Wonderful Life Was Created In 1946 Starring James Stewart, Donna Reed, Henry Travers And More

James Stewart played George Bailey who was experiencing difficulties. He thought about jumping off of a bridge during the holiday season. However, his guardian angel, Henry Travers who played Clarence rescued him. George's life is shown in a flashback and Clarence takes him through each stage in his life and how his presence played an important role.

Clarence shows George what his family, town and family business would be like without him. At the end, George is able to reunite with all the people he loves and cherishes every single second of his life all thanks to his guardian angel, Clarence.

A Fictional Character In This Movie May Have Been Based Off A True Story About A Hero

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

The story of George Bailey may have come from the real story of a Seneca Falls resident, Antonio Varacalli.

Varacalli will live on as a hero in this small town. He successfully saved Ruth Dunham from drowning but Varacalli passed away. 

According to It's A Wonderful Life Museum, 

"The town came together to recognize the young man who was awarded the Carnegie Hero Medal and they raised money to bring Antonio’s mother, two sisters and nephew from Italy.


Several years later in 1921, a plaque was erected and placed on the bridge where it can still be seen today.

This is believed to be the possible inspiration for two key scenes in the movie. Prior to Frank Capra coming on as director, the George Bailey character did not jump into the water to save Clarence, rather he is stopped by a mysterious man who says, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” in response to George contemplating suicide."


Did Frank Capra Get His Idea About It's A Wonderful Life From The Small Town Of Seneca Falls, NY?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Frank Capra created It's A Wonderful Life. He visited Seneca Falls, NY when he was working on the script for the movie.

In the movie, fans might pick up on lines that mention upstate New York. It's also said that the railroad station, houses, main street and bridges looked similar to Seneca Falls, NY

It's A Wonderful Life was filmed in California but it's said that Seneca Falls, NY was the inspiration for it.

What Can Guests Expect To Experience At It's A Wonderful Life Museum?

Allison Kay, Canva
Allison Kay, Canva

Not only are there It's A Wonderful Life ornaments, puzzles and calendars but so much more. Guests can expect to also see luggage tags, key rings, bells, wine glasses, mugs and more.

Have you ever visited It's A Wonderful Life Museum before? What's your favorite Christmas movie? Share with us below.

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