Is it Spring or Summer if you haven't had an ice cream cone? There are so many options now days, milk, non-dairy, gluten-free, packed with so many choices, but when was the last time you went to one of the many ice cream stands so close to home for a cone?

When you did get that cone, was it hard ice cream or was it soft serve? Single or double serving? How did it taste?

What is the bonus of getting soft serve cone as opposed to hard ice cream?


For me a great cone is a soft serve, maybe with a dip on it, but plain is great too. Heck, it's ice cream, its great! When I stopped for my first cone of the season, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the options of hard ice cream, so when push came to shove, I just ordered a soft serve twist (half chocolate, half vanilla) cone in a cake cup (yes, I had to make the decision of what kind of cone too!) For the miser in me it was easy, because all of the other cones there was an up charge for it. The twist machine wasn't working, so I went with the vanilla. Excellent choice! 

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Wait, is hard ice cream the better choice?

Dipped Ice Cream Cone
Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

There were almost too many hard ice cream choices, the one with the banana ice cream and nuts sounded awesome, but then again so did the peanut butter flavor one with the miniature peanut butter cups, oh man, the drama of having to make a decision. Which one? Did it really matter? They were probably all awesome. 

Which ice cream stand should we check out? Is there a particular ice cream flavor or sundae that we should try? Let us know! Thank you!

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