Do you put out your trash cans once a week? The regular trash and then the recycling? Driving around the Hudson Valley, on trash day, I see the recycling cans, next to the regular cans, but they are overflowing with things that are not supposed to be in the recycling can!

This leads me to the question of maybe I am doing it wrong. What is supposed to go into the recycling can, for the garbage pick-up? What is an absolute no-no to be in that can as well? Do you have it down?

What are the big no-no's to put into the recycling trash can?


There is always a debate about whether or not pizza boxes go in the recycling bin. This one is controversial. This completely depends on your trash provider. Most, say that it is a nope. Don't put it in. The reason? The food or the grease that is attached to it. So, yes put your paper and your cardboard in there, but nothing that has been soiled.

Can you put glass, plastic, and pie pans in the recycling?

Robot Arm emptying Wheeled Recycling Bin.

Please rinse out the plastic containers, the laundry soap, the fabric softener, and the milk jugs, just make sure to rinse them out. It used to be only the number 1 and number 2 triangles, but you can generally put them in there. Which plastics don't go in there? Things like kid's toys, unless they have one of the recycling triangles on them.

So what about the glass containers? Can you put glass containers in the recycling can?

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The glass that can go in the containers, has to be in one piece, not in pieces. For instance, old pickle jars, and jelly jars are all able to go in there. Broken glass does not go in the recycling, nor do lightbulbs. Under no circumstances should you put in plastic bags, they do not go in there. If you have plastic bags that you want to get rid of, take them to the grocery store, they can be recycled there.

Is there something that you have found that you can put in the recycling that you didn't know could be put in there? Share it with us!

Here are a few more things that should not be recycled:

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