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I’m your host, Conor Walsh. You can also find me on 92.7/96.9 WRRV weekends for Keepin’ Company w/ Conor. You may have heard me guest host already a couple times on In Touch. It’s a pleasure to be working with Paty Quinn on this program, and I’m looking forward to being a more regular fixture. I’ve always been fascinated by the why’s and how’s that make things happen, and I’m all about genuine conversation.  

This week, we are speaking with Jill Gonzales, an analyst from WalletHub.  

WalletHub is the first-ever website to offer free credit scores and full credit reports that are updated on a daily basis. WalletHub is dedicated to helping people efficiently attain top WalletFitness™ so they may enjoy life instead of worrying about money.They’ve built the brain of an artificially intelligent financial advisor that will truly leave your wallet full. To that end, they strive to make the complex simple and to provide each user with a personalized level. WalletHub seeks to provide you with 1) Customized credit-improvement advice; 2) Personalized savings alerts; and 3) 24/7 wallet surveillance. Such features are supplemented by more reviews of financial products, professionals and companies than any other website offers and a diverse community of subject matter experts.WalletHub is owned by Evolution Finance, Inc. and is based in Miami, FL. You can try out their credit tools, read more studies, and learn more from their Financial Directories by going to WalletHub.com, or by downloading the WalletHub app.  

New York Posts Country's 4th Biggest Credit Card Debt Increase

Jill Gonzales and I will specifically be talking about local and national economy as we discuss a recent study published by WalletHub on credit card debt in the nation. Coming out of the pandemic, consumers are back to bad habits, wracking massive amounts of credit card debt. Consumers have started 2022 by paying down $12.5 billion in the first quarter and adding a record-breaking $67.1 billion in new debt during the second quarter. New York State ranks 4th in the nation for credit card debt increase, leaving many New Yorkers fearful for their wallets and well-beings. But is this all truly the consumer’s fault, and do things look to be improving at all as we enter the fourth quarter, with the holiday season quickly approaching? 

We invite you to join us, and listen to a previously recorded conversation between Jill Gonzales and myself here on In Touch. 

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