He recently traveled across the country and is gaining even more fans on the West Coast.

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I have to be honest...Country Music and California are two of my favorite things. San Diego, California has a very special piece of my heart and I'm very fortunate that I have family who lives there and that makes it easy to visit. Whenever I go, I always love to check out the local news stations (I know I'm a news dork) and see how their anchors report and their style. The first morning I was there I came across the show 'Good Morning San Diego' and started following one of their anchors. Lauren Phinney is a beautiful blonde who knows her stuff when it comes to what's going on in the world and of course...I immediately started following her on Instagram. I always like to see what she posts because it makes me feel like I'm still there in San Diego. However, I noticed the other day that a HUGE Hudson Valley celebrity was recently on 'Good Morning San Diego'...how cool is that?

Hudson Valley star Ian Flanigan was on a California news show:

Lauren Phinney Instagram/Canva
Lauren Phinney Instagram/Canva

Ian Flanigan is a very talented singer and songwriter and did I mentioned that he was a finalist on the popular NBC Show 'The Voice'? You probably know this by now, but Flanigan comes from a humble upbringing that started right here in Saugerties, NY. He's performed at numerous places in the Hudson Valley and is someone we are very proud of.

What was Ian Flanigan doing in San Diego, California?

According to Lauren Phinney's Instagram Page, Ian was there back in January and performed on 'Good Morning San Diego'. They were also discussing how he was performing for free at a show in Pacific Beach. By the looks of the picture it seems like everyone had a good time and it's just another excuse to head out to California.

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