Many residents have been wondering what's going on. There are so many beautiful locations here in the Hudson Valley, but a few really stand out and are favorites among the residents.

One popular location recently announced that they will be temporarily closing their doors for a little bit of time and people are very curious about their reasoning and when the beautiful location will be reopening.

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What popular Hudson Valley, NY place is closing for a little bit?

Hutton Brickyards is a popular spot in the Hudson Valley and it offers a ton to the area. It is located right in Kingston and offers beautiful views of the Hudson River. Visitors can spend the night there, have events, check out the spa, see performances and enjoy amazing food. However, they recently put up a Facebook Post and mentioned how they will temporarily close their doors for winter renovations and thanked everyone for their patience during their "emergency winter transition."

What happens now with the Hutton Brickyards?

Hutton Brickyards Facebook/Canva
Hutton Brickyards Facebook/Canva

According to the post, guests who made reservations prior to their closure will receive a full refund and if they haven't yet they are being advised to email The post also mentioned that they look forward to seeing everyone again soon and will be reopening for Spring 2023 to give everyone a "refreshed luxury experience".

We wish the Hutton Brickyards a speedy renovation season and can't wait for them to reopen in the Spring. If you have stayed there before or have had a cool experience there please let us know all about it on the station app.

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