Lights, camera, action and a fun time with the family this summer. It's June and before you know it summer will be in full swing here in the Hudson Valley. That means all of the fun activities will be coming back and long nights will be filled with fun and family time. With that being said, a popular "family movie night" will be returning to one Orange County area just in time for the official summer season.


Where is this family movie night being held?

The movie night will be held at the Frederick Meyers Veterans Memorial Park in the Village of Maybrook, NY. According to the post, the movie will start right at dusk, how cool and relaxing.

What movies will be played and what dates will the family movie night go on?

So far, there are two dates that are listed for this:

  • Friday, June 17th Disney's Encanto will be played
  • Friday, July 22nd Disney/Pixar's Luca will be played

Anyone who has been to the Village of Maybrook knows it's an adorable place in the Hudson Valley to spend time in and seeing a movie is a great way to get a group of people together this summer. If you attend, send us a message on the station app and let us know what you see.

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