Size DOES matter when it comes to the size of the cones being served at these popular Hudson Valley ice cream spots.

One thing the Hudson Valley has no shortage of is the number of places to grab some ice cream on a hot summer day or night. We talked many times about our favorite places to grab a scoop, cone, or sundae, now before you scroll down to see the over 30 different places to get ice cream in the Hudson Valley let's try to find some of the area's biggest cones.


Does Size Matter?

Just last week I was driving on Route 9w in the Newburgh area and as I drove past Mary Jane's Dairy Bar I noticed a man in the parking lot having a little bit of trouble. The guy was trying to walk to his car after buying one of the largest ice cream cones I have ever seen. The massive ice cream cone was so big that this guy was using both hands to try and balance it while he walked to his car. He looked like he was walking on a balance beam trying to navigate his way without losing the cone.

That got me thinking about what ice cream place in the Hudson Valley has the biggest cone. After hearing from hundreds of Hudson Valley ice cream fans, we have come up with what we think are the six places to find the Hudson Valley's biggest soft serve ice cream cones. Take a look below to see if you agree and if we missed a "big cone" location, please let us know through the Wolf Country app.

6 of the Hudson Valley's Biggest Ice Cream Cones

Six places where the size of the cone matters!

33 of The Most Popular Ice Cream Shops in the Hudson Valley

Ice Cream shops across the Hudson Valley are preparing for opening day and the warm weather rush. Did we mention your favorite spot? Let us know who we need to add to the list.

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