Are you feeling the biscuit love? Wendy's restaurants are! In honor of NCAA'a March Madness College Basketball competition, they are giving away free biscuits (one per customer per day type of promotion).

So, according to the Wendy's website you can get one biscuit each day to celebrate the March Madness with Biscuit Madness. So, while yes you can get your free biscuit this weekend at this one particular place, it leaves me with another question. Where in the Hudson Valley can you get great biscuits? Flaky? Butter? Yummy?

There has to be some great places to get some biscuits around here, right? So where do we go? After doing some impartial research and possibly a little bit of taste testing here are a few places (and suggestions) of where you can get biscuits locally:

  • Adams Fairacre Farms, each store has these fluffy gems in their bakeshop, super good and can be easily toasted or warmed for biscuits and gravy
  • The Apple Pie Bakery, at the Culinary Institute of America. Well, this might not be fair to include it in this list because they are still not allowing guests on the campus, but when they re-open, you must have one of their biscuits, there are even little bits of ham in them. Just warm ever so slightly and eat, you don't need to have anything else, just eat.
  • Red Lobster? Have you ever had the cheddar biscuits? They are probably the least healthiest and best tasting biscuits you will ever eat. Do they classify as homemade? No. But they sure do disappear quickly.
  • Cracker Barrel? I have on excellent authority (a co-worker insisting that they are pretty awesome is plenty good for me) that they are great and regardless of when you go or to which location you eat at, you are supposed to, according to her suggestion, order them pretty much the moment you sit down, to munch on while you contemplate what you are going to order.

Do you have a favorite place to get biscuits all year long? Where do you get them? Do you make biscuits and gravy out of them? Just add jam? Or eat by themselves? Let us know.

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