They've helped many Hudson Valley residents with their recovery. It's always really sad when a place closes its doors in the Hudson Valley, but especially one that really helps people. Addiction is a terrible disease and sometimes there aren't a lot of resources for those who are suffering from it. One location in the Hudson Valley has made it its mission to help with addiction recovery, but unfortunately, it will be closing its doors for good.

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Villa Veritas Facebook/Google Maps/Canva
Villa Veritas Facebook/Google Maps/Canva

What location will be closing down in the Hudson Valley?

Villa Veritas Facebook
Villa Veritas Facebook

Villa Veritas Foundation will be closing its doors after 50 years of helping with addiction recovery in the Hudson Valley. Their theories and beliefs are based on the 12-step recovery program and they focus on the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of recovery. Wow, sounds like a really amazing place.

Why is Villa Veritas closing?

According to their website, COVID-19, economic changes and other obstacles have made it tough for them to go on. The website also said one of the founders (Jim Cusack) passed away a few years ago and they have tried to keep going forward for as long as possible. Ugh.

Where is Villa Veritas Located?

It's located on 5 Ridgeview Road right in Kerhonkson, NY. Of course, Kerhonkson is located in Ulster County and anyone who has been there knows it's very beautiful there. Kerhonkson is a beautiful and very peaceful place and it provides a great environment for those who are working on their health.

Is Villa Veritas Still Taking Patients?

Yes, the foundation is still taking patients until November 18th. You still have time, but it's crazy because that date coming up very, very quickly.

The Legacy Will Live On:

The staff at Villa Veritas is asking their patients to keep in touch with Facebook, emails, and texting and to keep them in your thoughts. Some of the staff will remain living on the grounds and prepare for the next transition.

We want to take a moment and thank the staff at Villa Veritas for their dedication and the incredible service they've provided to the area. We wish the staff nothing but the best and hope to see them around the Hudson Valley. are more businesses we've had to say goodbye to in the Hudson Valley and other places that are for sale in the area:

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