A school that taught students from multiple counties in the region won't reopen in the fall.

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Good Shepherd Christian School is closing its doors for good after 41 years. The school on East Chester Street in Kingston taught students from Ulster and Dutchess counties.

"The decision to remain open or to close the school was not an easy one to make but there were many obstacles that needed to be faced. The school would open in September with a $48,000 deficit due to a drastically low enrollment of 31 students and a decrease in financial support due to the uncertainty of major fundraisers," Good Shepherd Christian School Principal Heather Slagsvol said in al letter to the community. "Due to this low enrollment, we would also have a lack of available help to do the work needed to support the school for the year."

The school taught Pre-K through 8th grade. In addition, Slagsvol cited the COVID-19 pandemic would have likely led to online learning in the fall, which would be difficult to plan for.

"I know this decision will be very sad and hard to believe for many people. Good Shepherd has served families over the past 41 years and has been a major part of so many lives," Slagsvol said. " For some of us, Good Shepherd is all we know and all that our children know as far as school is concerned, and thinking about what comes next is not an easy task. As man of you know firsthand, Good Shepherd has always been so much more than a school. We are a community and a family and I know that relationships have been formed that will continue despite the close of the school."

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