Social media allows users to connect with others, share special moments in their lives and engage with community posts.

We can also learn what's going on in our area by following local accounts and pages. As community pages keep us informed, it's also a way for residents to share their opinions in the comments section.

Hudson Valley residents showed their harsh reactions to the most recent news in Ulster County, NY.

Did You Know About These Changes In Kingston, NY?

Canva, Facebook, Los Jalapenos Mexican Grill, Google Maps
Canva, Facebook, Los Jalapenos Mexican Grill, Google Maps

Over the past couple of months, changes have been happening in Kingston, NY.

An annual festive event took place in December 2023. Residents came together to see ice carvings, carolers, jugglers, Santa and more. A tree lighting took place at this event which can be seen during the holiday season in uptown Kingston, NY.

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An Ulster County, NY eatery has expanded and opened a second location in uptown Kingston, NY. The city of Kingston, NY has made it cheaper for residents and visitors this holiday season.

The City Of Kingston Announced The Name Of New Green Space Area

On December 4, 2023, an announcement was made on social media from the City of Kingston. This post received a lot of reactions.

After a community input process, the name for the greenspace at Broadway and Prince Street chosen by the public is: Post Office Park. 

"The City of Kingston put out an open call for name suggestions on Engage Kingston, and, once collected, the Recreation Commission was asked to narrow the 62 suggestions to 10 choices. A public poll at Engage Kingston with the top 10 names was open from October 27 to December 1, 2023. With 26% of the vote, Post Office Park was the clear favorite amongst the 10 choices. "


"The name selection will now go to the Common Council for adoption. The greenspace on either side of Prince Street at Broadway was created when the City of Kingston bought an abandoned fast-food restaurant and realigned the intersection."


"The Broadway Grand Intersection Realignment Project was completed in October 2022 and local landscaping design firm KaN Landscape Design was contracted to develop landscape design plans. Phase 1 of the design is expected to be constructed in 2024. "


"More information about the plans for Post Office Park can be found at"


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Why Was The Name, Post Office Park Chosen For Kingston's Greenspace?

Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston
Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston

Hudson Valley residents could explain the meaning behind the name of Kingston's new greenspace but visitors might not understand its history.

Engage Kingston shared,

"The old Kingston Post Office was built at the intersection of Broadway and Prince Street in 1908. By 1969, postal operations had grown larger than the building’s capacity, and the building was sold, then torn down to make room for a fast food restaurant."


"The destruction of this architectural gem has been lamented ever since. The Midtown area has evolved over the years, and today nearly 40 buildings are devoted to art-based uses and a significant arts identity has been established for the community."

The historical meaning behind this new name explains why it's significant.

What Reactions Did Hudson Valley Residents Have About The Latest News?

Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston
Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston

There were over 33 reactions, 17 comments and 2 shares about the City of Kingston's Facebook post in regards to Post Office Park.

Here's what the community had to say.

"This park in the center of a four way traffic pattern is an absolute recipe for another Bicycle, or Pedestrian tragedy. This is an extremely busy, and confusing intersection, which will only lead to more driver, cyclist, and pedestrian confusion. "


"It should have been named “very expensive park”"


"I like planet wings better"


"Going Postal Park."


"That intersection continues to be's gotten worse since the redesign with vehicles blocking access to Grand Street."


"It really says everything you need to know that the City has asked about this dumb park name like 10 times, but when it comes to bad development or redesigning residential streets they'll have one public hearing that they barely whisper about. Such backward priorities."


What do you think of Kingston, NY's new greenspace name? Share with us below.

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