People should be on alert for suspicious activity. Ugh, here we go again with another scam warning for the Hudson Valley area. The warning is coming from the Town of Marlborough Police Department and their recent post explained what to look out for you.

amphotora from Getty Images Signature
amphotora from Getty Images Signature

Scam alert:

According to the post, the scam has been targeting senior citizens and they are getting a call claiming a family member has been arrested and a large amount of money is needed to help get them released. How awful. The victim is also reportedly being told not to tell anyone about the situation or contact any help.

How to protect yourself and others:

Police say it's very important that you DON'T send any money in regards to the scam. They also said if someone tries to contact you or someone you love, notify the police right away. Also, if you are approached in public by someone, call  (845)-795-2181 or dial 911.

Other scams going on in the Hudson Valley:

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of scam warnings recently in the area, and here are more to look out for.

  • A  'Medical Phone Scam' warning was recently issued in Orange County and residents were reportedly getting calls from people claiming they were from Medicare.
  • Another one was issued from the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office and it was a 'Money Scam.' The scammer was reportedly calling residents, claiming they were associated with law enforcement and were asking for money.
  • There have also been numerous 'Real Estate Scam' attempts where people reportedly post fake real estate listings and try to get people to respond. Yikes.

Be careful, extra cautious, and if something doesn't seem right report it right away.

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