Apparently some parts of the Hudson Valley have been very naughty this year. We can expect Santa to leave coal in the stockings of these cities this year. Honestly, might as well just just a meteorite lump of coal over these places.

Honestly, I think more than quite a few have not been on their best behavior, but a recent study including 180 U.S. cities named 4 New York cities amongst the most sinful in the United States.

Most Sinful Cities in the United States

How do you determine how sinful a city is? Do you call up some divine entity and ask, "Hey, who has been screwing up the most lately?"

Well, WalletHub ordered 150 of the most populated U. S. cities, plus at least two of the most densely populated cities in each state. Seven dimensions that each city was rated on were Anger & Hatred, Jealousy, Excesses & Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.

From there, they examined those dimensions using 38 relevant metrics, and each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, 100 being the most sinful. As you can probably guess, Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada came in at Number 1 with a score of 59.93 out of 100.

  • 15) New York City (49.36/100)
  • 63) Buffalo (40.67/100)
  • 69) Rochester (39.98/100)

But which Hudson Valley city landed on this list?

That would be Yonkers, New York coming in a 165 on the list with a score of 30.26 out of 100. Which, in all honesty, isn't all that bad. If you're going to be on a list of most sinful cities, being towards the bottom is a good thing, right?

Actually, Yonkers wound up being in the bottom five for Thefts per Capita, coming in at 174 in that category.

We got the full list below to check out:

Source: WalletHub


Most Dangerous Cities in the Hudson Valley

This all being said, I'm still curious to know if Yonkers is even the naughtiest city in all of the Hudson Valley. Yes, it is big enough population-wise to make it on to this list, but what about some of our other cities like Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and more.

Well, the Hudson Valley post put out an article earlier this year talking about the most dangerous places to live in New York. The list was crafted from information pulled together by RoadSnacks using the FBI's crime statistics for every New York city with a population above 5,000 people based on violent crime and property crime per capita.

Below are the 10 most dangerous places in New York, according to Roadsnacks:

  1. Binghamton
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Buffalo
  4. Rochester
  5. Watertown
  6. Syracuse
  7. Utica
  8. Albany
  9. Johnson City Village
  10. Jamestown

Here are the 45 most dangerous places to live in the Hudson Valley.

17) City of Newburgh
26) City of Poughkeepsie
32) Village of Monticello
33) Kingston
36) Port Jervis
37) Town of Poughkeepsie
40) Mount Vernon
42) Pelham Manor
43) Spring Valley
61) Middletown
62) Wallkill
64) Town of Newburgh
66) Town of Ulster
70) Yonkers
84) Woodbury
85) Beacon
95) Saugerties
96) New Rochelle
99) New Windsor
101) Peekskill
102) Greenburgh
105) Clarkstown
111) Deerpark
114) Mamaroneck
115) Orangetown
119) Town of Lloyd
121) Port Chester
122) Ossining
126) Pleasantville
127) Town of Fishkill
128) Pelham
131) Ramapo
133) Woodstock
135) Hastings-on-Hudson
137) Chester
138) Tarrytown
140) Scarsdale
142) Goshen
143) Blooming Grove
145) Stony Point
146) Pound Ridge
147) Town of Malborough
148) Walden
152 Mamaroneck
153) Elmsford
154) Yorktown
155) Crawford
156) Cronton-On-Hudson
159) Rye Brook
163) Dobbs Ferry

As you can see, Yonkers only ranks 70 for most dangerous places to live in New York.

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