The start of the new year calls for a time of reflection. As we said goodbye to 2021, we welcomed in a new start with ways to better ourselves.

Some may call this New Years Resolutions while others refer to it as a lifestyle change. For the most part, people tend to exercise more, eat better and possibly, consume less alcohol.

For myself, these are three things that I have really been achieving this past month and continue to do moving forward. Dry January is something that some may take part in.

It's a month when people stop consuming alcohol to begin the year on a clear and sober path.

There are plenty of benefits to reducing the intake of alcohol, such as clearer skin, improved sleep, reduced levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and lower cholesterol. I usually feel a boost in my mood and more energy when I don't consume alcohol. Let's not forget the de-bloating when we don't drink ( that's the biggest perk).

Dry January is something that we can also continue throughout the rest of the months and into the years of our life. However, some folks just take a break for the month of January.

When I look at the drink menu at Hudson Valley establishments, I tend to find the mocktail list sounds a lot better. There have been times that I skipped getting an alcoholic beverage and sipped on something delicious instead.

Sometimes we may prefer a non-alcoholic drink with a fun twist!

Here are the top 3 Hudson Valley restaurants with mouth watering mocktails.

Heritage Food & Drink

1379 U.S. 9, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Homemade Delicious Red Sangria with Limes Oranges and Apples

Who would ever think a mocktail might taste better than a cocktail? When I was here, I had the opportunity to try one of my friends' non-alcoholic drinks and I almost ordered it. Ranging from their Pineapple Ginger Soda to Strawberry Lemonade and their Spa Treatment, you wont be able to make up your mind.

Take a look at their menu here.


21 Church St, New Paltz NY12561


This cute and cozy spot is tucked away in New Paltz. In the summer, it's relaxing to sit outside by the firepit with their alluring string lights. During the winter months, I like to stay warm upstairs and sip on one of my favorite mocktails. Last time I was there, I ordered their Lavender Lemonade and was so happy that I did. Their Pins & Needles and Yellow Jacket sound great as well. Who says that you need to drink alcohol to have a good time?

Peep their menu here.

Orange County Distillery at Brown Barn Farms

286 Maple Ave, New Hampton NY 10958


Would you believe that a distillery has non-alcoholic drinks? The answer to this question is yes. I enjoyed the relaxing vibes that last time that I visited. On site, I did sample a few spirits.  Along with their tasty spirits and seltzer, they also have non-alcoholic drinks along with mocktails. The next time I stop by I would like to enjoy a mocktail that has lemonade and mint in it.

Take a glance at their menu here.

Have you ever had a mocktail before? Let us know below.

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