Hudson Valley bridges allow residents and visitors to easily travel from one part of the county to another. Although some of them have experienced construction over the past couple of months, the improvement of bridges can help benefit our commute.

Does The Oldest Ulster County, NY Bridge Have Three Different Names?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

According to Historic,

The Kingston- Port Ewen Suspension Bridge is also known as the Wurts Street Bridge. That would give this bridge a total of three different names. 

I have heard of people relating to this bridge as The Kingston Bridge, The Kingston- Port Ewen Bridge, The Kingston- Port Ewen Suspension Bridge and even, Wurts Street Bridge.

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This bridge is located in Kingston and Port Ewen in Ulster County, NY and was first built in the early 1920s. Known for being on Wurts Street over the Roundout Creek, it makes sense why this is considered one of the many names for this historic bridge.

Historic shared the following information about the Kingston- Port Ewen Suspension Bridge,

"This impressive suspension bridge is the oldest in the Hudson River valley region and is noted for its unusual stiffening truss. "

It's fascinating that the oldest suspension bridge in the Hudson Valley is located in Ulster County, NY. It makes sense as to why the bridge is currently closed for renovations.

The City Of Kingston, NY Shared Information About Roadwork Updates And Bridge Construction

On social media, the City of Kingston, NY does a great job of informing residents of what's going on in the community.

Recently, they posted an update about roadwork and construction on a bridge.

"ROADWORK UPDATE for the week of December 11, 2023: Central Hudson: Service replacements will continue on W. Chester St. 


Wurts Street Bridge: Mesh panels on pedestrian walkway installed. Lighting installed. Noise will continue to be loud on occasion while steel repairs are performed. The site construction is expected to shut down from December 22, 2023 until January 8, 2024."


How Did The Community React To The Information From The City Of Kingston, NY?

Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston
Canva, Facebook, City of Kingston

Local residents and Facebook users didn't hold back their opinions about the construction of the Wurts Street Bridge in Kingston, NY.

"bridge should have been torn down 30 years ago when the new one opened, repairs have been a WASTE of taxpayers money. No matter what they do it is still a OLD crumbing piece of CRAP"


"Thank you all so much for your service to our community !!!"


"Great job Local 417 Ironworkers "


"I am so happy that someone likes symmetry; however, the light from the fixtures on the bridge are designed to protect from light pollution and only give good lighting directly below them. That being said, one side of the bridge lighting should remain where it is and the opposite side should be staggered half way between each. There are going to be dark areas all the way across the bridge for walkers and drivers!"


"i can't wait for the bridge to open again"


"It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see it at night with all of the new lights! Great job everyone! So exciting! ❤️"


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When Will The Wurts Street Bridge Finally Reopen To The Public?

Canva, Historic Bridges
Canva, Historic Bridges

Originally, the New York State Department of Transportation said that the,

"Construction completion - No later than October 9, 2023"

However, new information provided by the New York State Department of Transportation claims,

that the "Estimated Substantial Completion Date" is by 05/30/2024.

Which Hudson Valley bridge do you think needs to be fixed next? Share with us below.

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