May has already brought us so many great things. We have celebrated Mother’s Day, National Nurses Day, and National Twilight Zone Day. We have a lot to look forward to as we hit mid-May.

May is National Bike Month and you know what that means, its time to hit the trails! Last fall, I went on a beautiful bike ride in New Paltz and had to do again the following weekend. I saw a cave, old stone fireplaces and rode across the Rosendale Trestle. There is just something about being on a bike that is so freeing.

I also tried to buy a bike last year and they were all sold out. I mean, the retail stores, the local shops and just about everywhere online. I was renting bikes all summer which was totally fine. By renting bikes, I was able to discover new bike trails and meet new people.

This year, I am somewhat ahead of the game. I researched local bike shops in the Hudson Valley. You will see me cruising around this summer, I am sure of it.

I love supporting local business and thought, I might as well purchase a bike from somewhere in the Hudson Valley and have the money go towards a local business. If you are a cyclist then you may know of a few places around or have done the same.

With, let us look at local bike shops, in case you decide you want to buy one or upgrade.

Joe Fix Its, Goshen

I love the location of Joe’s, you can stop by to rent or purchase a bike. Be sure to take a stroll around town, grab a smoothie and enjoy the atmosphere. Check out details here.

Bicycle Depot, New Paltz

New Paltz is a prime location to rent a bike. Better yet, be sure to purchase one so that you are ready for summer. Bicycle Depot is also hiring if you know anyone looking for a job who has experience. Find out more here.

TRT Bicycles, Rosendale

If you are looking to rent, repair or purchase a bike, visit their link here. They also have a list of brands online to check out here. You can also take a stroll and check out the Rosendale Trestle I mentioned before.

Utility Bicycle Works, Kingston

Located in uptown Kingston, they carry bicycles, parts, and accessories.  After purchasing, you can take a stroll around all the historic sites that uptown has to offer. Check out more here.

Taylor from the WRRV, Afternoon Drive has the full list of Hudson Valley bike trails to visit as well. See you on the trail!


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