The Hudson Valley has an extensive amount of history, there's something new that we can learn every day. While some stories are pieces of knowledge that Hudson Valley residents know of, other stories remain unknown.

It's said that the Hudson River is named after Henry Hudson. He was mainly known for discovering the river that we live near, travel by, and may swim in.

According to the Hudson River Valley Institute,

"The Hudson River Valley is one of America's most important scenic, cultural, economic, and historic regions. Discovered by Henry Hudson in 1609, the 315-mile long river was America's first river for many of the European colonists. For the Algonquin peoples, the Hudson estuary was called Mahicanituk, "The River That Flows Both Ways."

The deep, historical roots of the Hudson Valley are a reminder of all of the important events that took place here along with influential members of society who made it possible for us to reside here.

The oldest ferry in the U.S. runs through a Hudson Valley Area.

How Deep Is The Hudson River?


There have been times that I have been out on the Hudson River and Delaware River and wondered how deep each of them truly is.

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World Atlas shared that,

"The Hudson River reaches a maximum depth of 62m at its widest point"

According to the Center for Urban River at Beczak,

The Hudson River is 315 miles long, starting from the source at Lake Tear of the Clouds near the base of Mt. Marcy, in the Adirondack Mountain Range and empties into the New York Harbor leading to the Atlantic Ocean. "


"Approximately 153 miles of the Hudson River is an estuary extending from the Troy Dam to the Atlantic Ocean.  An estuary is a portion of a river where salt water from the ocean is measurably diluted by fresh water within the watershed. “

Where Is The 'World's End' In The Hudson Valley?

World Atlas also shared that the widest point of the Hudson River has a maximum depth of 62m which is its widest point and also,

"known as the “World’s End”, which is located between the Constitution Island and United States Military Academy."


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How Can Hudson Valley Residents Experience The 'World's End' In The Hudson Valley?


Hudson River Expeditions offers tours. There is a World's End Tour that is 2 hours long and is $75 a person.

The upcoming dates for this tour are August 6 at 11:00am and August 20 at 10:00. Upon the tour, guests would,

"Paddle south from Cold Spring into the narrowest section of the Hudson River. You travel along the tall cliffs of Constitution Island and enjoy exceptional views of West Point. "


"This 2-hour tour takes you through a setting of natural beauty and great historical significance. Suggested for participants with some on water experience."

Have you ever heard of the 'World's End' before? Would you take a tour to explore the depths of the Hudson River? Share your response with me below.

5 Must See Scenic Drives In The Hudson Valley

When was the last time that you took the scenic route or the back road? There's something so peaceful about taking in the views of the beautiful farmland and the smells of fresh grass with the windows down. 

The next time that you're out for a drive, take one of these scenic routes to capture the beauty of the area that we get to call home.


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I have had the chance to visit these historical sites and will always remember what each one meant to me, what I learned on the tours and how guests can continue to visit in 2023.

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