More than ever, we're looking forward to being outside, in the water and exploring the Hudson Valley. The warmer weather allows us to fully enjoy living in the Hudson Valley and all that it has to offer.

Hudson Valley activities such as boat cruises, kayaking and pedal boating allows us to spend time on the beautiful Hudson River.

While we may be familiar with how the Hudson River got its name, there is far more historical information that lies within this body of water.

How Did The Hudson River Get Its Name?


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation explains how the Hudson River got its name.

We may have learned about Henry Hudson and his adventure to the Hudson Valley and time spent on the Hudson River in the 1600's. 

Henry Hudson "referred to the river as the "Manhatees." Dutch colonists who followed named it "River of the Prince Mauritius" and "North River." 

It wasn't until the 1660's, that Henry Hudson's name was applied to the river. However, native tribes already named this river before Henry Hudson's arrival.

Is The Hudson River More Than Just  A River?


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation explains,

"The Hudson River is the defining natural feature of a major region of New York State"

We may have thought that the Hudson River is just a river when in fact, it's more than that. This isn't news considering that it dates back to the 1660's and the disagreement of what the Hudson River should be named.

"One of their names-Mahicantuck-means "great waters in constant motion" or, more loosely, "river that flows two ways."


"It highlights the fact that this waterway is more than a river-it is a tidal estuary, an arm of the sea where salty sea water meets fresh water running off the land."


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Did You Know The Hudson River Is An Estuary?


Have you ever heard of an estuary? Living in the Hudson Valley and being out on the Hudson River gives us the reason to learn more about estuaries and why they are important.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared,

"Estuaries are among the most productive of Earth's ecosystems. Native Americans discovered the Hudson's bounty thousands of years ago; evidence of their repasts remains in heaps of oyster shells on its shores. "

It's fascinating to think about how influential the Hudson River is to us, wildlife and mother nature.

"The estuary's productivity is ecologically and economically valuable to much of the Atlantic Coast; key commercial and recreational species like striped bass, bluefish, and blue crab depend on nursery habitat here. "

They also shared that the herons, bald eagles and other birds feed from the river.

"Tidal marshes, mudflats, and other significant habitats in and along the estuary support a great diversity of life."

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation claims that Hudson Valley residents have "flourished" all thanks to the Hudson estuary.

Should We Call It The Hudson River Or The Hudson Estuary?


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared,

"The Hudson estuary stretches 153 miles from Troy to New York Harbor, nearly half the river's 315 mile course between Lake Tear of the Clouds in the Adirondacks and the Battery at the tip of Manhattan. The estuary feels the ocean's tidal pulse all the way to Troy. "

At a certain point in time, the population increased which caused the Hudson River to become filled with high levels of bacteria and toxic chemicals.

Thankfully, New York residents passed an act for sewage cleanup along with the help from the federal Clean Water act. The water quality improved and therefore, the The Hudson RIver National Estuarine Research Reserve and other organizations were established to continue to protect and preserve wetlands.

"Today the Hudson River is one of the healthiest estuaries on the Atlantic Coast. Its rich history and striking environmental recovery have made it one of the nation's fourteen American Heritage Rivers."

Some may call it the Hudson River while others may refer to it as the Hudson Estuary. Either way, we can now explain this water with a greater understanding of its history and all that it truly has to offer.

Have you heard of estuaries before? What will you refer to the Hudson River as now? Let us know below.

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