Want to start a chipmunk fight in your yard build a Pumpkin Birdfeeder. I had no idea how scrappy a chipmunk could be I have one in my yard that is not only fighting off the other chipmunks but he has a squirrel and all the birds at bay.

I saw this cool Fall Nature Craft on the Farmer's Almanac Facebook page last week and got thinking it would be fun now that the weather is cold to help the birds and such stock up for winter. I had no idea I would be starting a forest turf war in my yard.

How to Make a Bird Feeder Out of a Pumpkin

It was a lot of fun Saturday to sit in my driveway and create this Pumpkin Birdfeeder. I felt like a kid again. Of course, I am a big Kid so I used a knife and was drinking Sangria. As an adult crafter, I can often get a bit confused and often have whatever I am working on turn out a bit different than the original project but this time I think I nailed it.

Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

Either way, this project is pretty simple and fun for all ages. Not only is it fun to create but it is really easy. I probably didn't need to create the "How To" gallery below but I could help myself I was really enjoying how easy it was to make.

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The real joy has been watching all the critters in my yard enjoy the treat. Fortunately, I am not really in Bear country because truth be told this could still end badly. For now, we seem to be bear-safe. I have spotted one fat squirrel, one chipmunk who insists on sitting in the pumpkin, and others that run up to steal seed when the other chipmunk runs away to store his stash.

Pumpkin Birdfeeder That is So Easy to Make

How to Make a Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I can't take credit for inventing this clever fall-themed bird feeder. I actually saw it first posted by the Farmer's Almanac. This is the Pumpkin BIrdfeeder I made this weekend with a Hudson Valley pumpkin and some birdseed grown in the USA. Nature arts and crafts at my house this weekend turned out to be really easy and fun to watch once the squirrels and chipmunks found it.

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