So here we are again dealing with uncomfortable warm temperatures before we have had a chance to get used to the heat. I don't know about you but I need to gradually slide into temperature changes so this yoyo thing that the weather has been doing is not working for me.

Yes, I realize that many of you spent the last few weeks turning on the AC so that these pop-up heat waves are a problem but there are a lot of us that just can't bring ourselves to lug in the ACs from the garage just yet. I imagine if I had central air it might be a different scenario but I don't so we will leave that there for now.

Should Your Drink be Cold or Hot During Humid Weather in NY?


So how do you stay cool? Should you drink a cold beverage? Turns out according to many sources that it not going to help and in some cases might hurt. I found an article online from that breaks down the answer to that age-old question. Turns out drinking ice cold water after certain exercise can be quite bad for you.  The better plan is to have a hot beverage, not the answer you might expect.

So other than a hot or cold drink what are some other ways to stay cool when it is hot? One thing just about everything I found online said was you have to treat dry heat differently than humid heat. Being here in the Hudson Valley we aren't in an arid climate I am going to side with the humid heat recommendations.

Unusual Things that Cool You Off When Its IN Humid  in NY gave some interesting ideas for cooling down when it's hot and one of them was to eat spicy food. According to their report, spicey foods make us sweat more therefore cooling us down faster. They also suggested a bowl of ice in front of the fan and putting your moisturizers in the frig. All interesting ideas and something I will be trying during our next mini heatwave.

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You Have Got to See This Cool House

Designer Home Featured on TV For Sale in Orange County New York

Property is being offered for sale in the Hudson Valley near Shawangunk Ridge which has two homes on the grounds designed by Cristy Lee McGeehan. The homes have been featured on TV. The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and others have featured this property where Hudson Valley historic homes meet modern stylish renovations with a whimsical twist to the past. Every inch of this classic property has been brought to life with the new design touch.

When It's Hot the Cool Go Shopping

Crystal and Stone Shops in the Hudson Valley, NY

If you aren't in the mood to hike around New York to find your own crystals and stones there are plenty of Hudson Valley shops that can help you find something you are sure to like from worry stones to crystal skulls.

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