One Hudson Valley town has begun treating playground equipment with a biocide that can keep surfaces virus-free for weeks. Hudson Valley One reports Saugerties residents were recently informed at a town board meeting by town building and grounds supervisor Greg Chorvas that the treatment prevents viruses, disease, mold, and mildew from being able to survive.

So far three rounds of treatments have occurred along with testing to ensure effectiveness after three and four weeks. The product used is called MaxxClean and according to a video explaining the product it all has to do with PH level or how acidic/alkaline a surface is. A virus needs certain conditions to applyHudson Valley One reports the EPA has rated each of the ingredients of the product as 'green' through the EPA Safe Choice Program.

According to its website, Maxxclean is a family-owned commercial cleaning and janitorial service that does business in Connecticut and New York. The product is on the EPA list of effective products to use against COVID-19.

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