There's another new spot to go shopping and check out in the Hudson Valley.

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It's always exciting when a new business opens up in the area and this one is on my list to check out. One of the great things about the Hudson Valley is that there are so many different places to go shopping and we really have our pick of places. Like usual,  I was driving home from work the other day and managed to hit every light on the way home. Except this time at a light I noticed a cool new place.


I noticed the place out of the corner of my eye and it's called the Hopewell Discount Market. The business is located on Hillside Lake Road in Wappingers Falls and is right near the Van Wyck Junior High School. I didn't get the chance to go into the market, but it looked very cool and from a distance it looked like there was a lot of things inside.

A small market is always a good option because sometimes it can be overwhelming going into a big grocery store, especially when you just need a few items. Some of the grocery stores are spread out around here so it's nice to have a small market in between. Another business was previously in the building and it's nice to see that a new one had moved in and is making a name for itself in the neighborhood.

Have you been to the Hopewell Discount Market before? Tell us what it's like inside and more info on the station app.

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