One Paranormal Expert was obsessed with Rockland County and felt it was one of the most haunted places ever.

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When I was out in California I got hooked on this show called the 'Holzer Files' and you can stream it on Amazon. It's based off the research that Paranormal Expert Hanz Holzer did and now his daughter and team are continuing it. I was rewatching the show the other day and it showed how Hanz Holzer has some really strong feelings about Rockland County, NY.

The episode I was rewatching was called "Edge of the Veil" and right in the begining of it one of team members says, "Hanz was fascinated by Rockland County" and thought the veil there between earth and the spirit world was the tiniest. It was also mentioned how he had a lifelong obsession with Rockland County and would write about paranormal experiences that happened there. Spooky....The team goes through the cases, reviews Han's notes on it and then does their own investigation. In this particular episode the team did an investigation on a house in Suffern. The person who lived there was experiencing a ton of scary paranormal activity and was still trying to get answers as to what's going on.

I'm not going to share where the house is (I know, I know don't get mad). There's a high chance someone is living there right now and the last thing they need is everyone driving by trying to see it. If you live in Suffern you probably already know which house it is. Also, if you really want to find out more you can watch the episode on Amazon.

Do you think Rockland County is one of the most haunted places in the country? Do you watch the Holzer Files and know what episode I'm talking about? Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Share your answers with us on the station app.



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