Hudson Valley businesses have been highlighting their healing sessions more than ever. From reiki to yoga, sound healing and more, these local businesses have been bringing healing to visitors from all over.

A Hudson Valley business expanded their space and now offers more options for guests to experience.

Sullivan County, NY Business Opened Relaxing Salt Cave

Crystal Connection, Facebook
Crystal Connection, Facebook

Crystal Connection is located in Wurtsboro, NY. They are located within a 1890's Methodist church that they now refer to as the crystal church.

They take pride in being "One of the largest Crystal & Mineral destinations on the Northeast." 

I enjoy visiting Crystal Connection to grab any kind of crystal that I may need as itself, a necklace, a bracelet and more.

Singing bowls, sage and great gift ideas can also be found at this Sullivan County, NY business. They also host events and fairs throughout the year.

Crystal Connection also has an underground salt cave and I felt relaxed, lighter and energized after spending time in it. The relaxing music, lights on the ceiling that looked like stars and salt on my feet made it a great experience.

Their salt cave is open Thursday through Tuesday and its $40 per session for 40 minutes. Crystal Connection also opened a new, healing wellness spa next to their salt cave.

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Crystal Connection Opened A New Healing, Wellness Spa

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

The Ancient Art of Salt Wellness Spa and Salt Cave is located at Crystal Connection in Wurtsboro, NY. This healing spa offers healing in one space.

I sat down on their amethyst far infrared mat, and instantly felt calm. They also have an infrared jade, tourmaline quartz and salt block foot mat for guests to try out along with a crystal healing mat that contains 7 different healing crystals to relax on.

Crystal Connection also has a amethyst and tourmaline chair mat to heal on and a lumbar far infrared and red light mat to use too.

Additional information about Crystal Connection and their new healing space can be found on their website and social media.

What Are The Hours Of Operation At Crystal Connection In Wurtsboro, NY?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Crystal Connection is open everyday except for Wednesday. Guests can join them Thursday through Tuesday from 11am until 6pm.

To book a session for aura photography, salt cave space or any other services, guests can visit their website or call them for additional information.

Have you been to this crystal church in Wurtsboro, NY? Would you try any of these healing services at Crystal Connection? Tell us more below.

Take a Tour of Sullivan County, NY's Newest Underground Salt Cave

Crystal Connection is a 1890's antique, Methodist church located in Sullivan County, NY. This is a crystal lover's dream come true.

It's known for being 

"One of the largest Crystal & Mineral destinations on the Northeast." 

While this may be a place that some people gather often, others can refer to it as a hidden gem in the Hudson Valley.  Crystal Connection can also be described as 

"a sacred space & crystal haven"

I have never experienced anything similar to Crystal Connection before. The amount of crystals, crystal jewelry, singing bowls, sage and more are fascinating. Crystal Connection also hosts different events and fairs throughout the year.

Take a tour through Crystal Connection's newest underground salt cave experience.

Gallery Credit: Allison Kay, Crystal Connection, YouTube

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