Thousands of New York commuters were given hundreds of new travel options after one of the largest modern-day transportation projects in New York state was finally completed.

While train travel may be one of the oldest forms of mass transit in American history, there are still improvements being added in the 21st century. Most recently, Amtrak shared upcoming upgrades to many of their train cars and even unveiled a new route that finally connected Vermont with New York City. The new announcement from the MTA and LIRR, however, dwarfs both of those projects.

Governor Kathy Hochul via Flickr
Governor Kathy Hochul via Flickr

Grand Central Madison is Officially in Service in New York

On Monday, February 27th, Governor Kathy Hochul, along with Senator Charles Schumer and officials from the MTA, helped celebrate the opening of Grand Central Madison in New York City, which has been hailed as a solution to "provide more frequent, reliable service" to LIRR travelers. While the project's goal was to provide more mass transportation options for workers on the east side of Manhattan, the rollout was far from smooth for many frequent riders.

Governor Kathy Hochul via Flickr
Governor Kathy Hochul via Flickr

Negative Effects of New Grand Central Madison Train Schedules

After the rollout, many current LIRR commuters were surprised to learn that their formerly-nonstop train service had vanished, as the new plan required the rerouting of many existing trains. Still, the MTA, along with many government officials, says that the nearly 300 additional LIRR trains traveling to Grand Central Madison is still an overall boon.

From MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber:

"Faster service and more trains will help bring the heart of New York City closer to Long Islanders and Queens residents, and the surge in reverse commuting will be a shot in the arm for Long Island employers looking to access a bigger talent pool. It's a win-win."

The opening of Grand Central Madison means that the LIRR transit system now has 936 trains in daily service, a 41% increase being hailed as "historic" by supporters. Explore the new train schedules here.

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