In Governor Cuomo's Press Conference yesterday, it was discussed that Google will be helping the New York State Department of Labor's website for unemployment.

Due to COVID-19 many people have had to file for unemployment and the website was having tons of trouble and it crashed.

Melissa DeRosa (Secretary to Governor) commented on the issue during the Press Conference and explained how the Department of Labor is partnering with Google to help resolve these issues.

She explained:

They will have a whole new interface launched by the end of this week.

The hotline will be 7 days a week, feature extended hours and an additional 300 people have been hired to help take calls.

They are moving from 4 serves to 50 servers, and will try to separate last names into days. An example of this would be if your last name starts with letters A-E, you would call on a specific day, then the next set of letters goes.

Very importantly, you will get your benefits based on the day you were unemployed, even if there is a delay on getting signed up.

She mentioned they are trying their best to resolve it and asks people to please be patient.



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