I always enjoy seeing the top names on this list.

This morning Brandi and I were talking about popular baby names so far in 2020.

I was looking at the list on BabyCenter.Com and here were some of the names:

For boys the top two names listed were Liam and Noah.

For girls the top two names listed were Olivia and Emma.

These names remind of ones that you can find in storybooks and when I hear Noah I always think of the character from 'The Notebook.'

When we were talking about it I mentioned how my parents almost named me Summer.

Summer is my favorite time of year so this name would have been a perfect fit, I'm still a little bummed it's not. My parents didn't exactly like how it sounded with my last name, so I can see why they went with something else.

You can see the rest of the names if you click on that link, they are pretty adorable.

Were you almost named something else? What is your favorite name on the list?

Drop a comment below and let us know.

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