A few years ago, you might have noticed that New York said goodbye to charging sales tax on clothing and shoe items under $110, but there were a few counties across the state that still charged a county, and for select counties a MTA tax of .25%.

As of March 1, 2022, this is going to change once again. While 4.25 % might not seem like a 'big deal' to some, for those who are living in a COVID economy with prices continuing to go to record levels for all consumer goods, electricity, gasoline and oil, let's take this break where we can get it.

Which county in the Hudson Valley will be eliminating the county sales tax on clothes and shoes under $110?

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Each county in New York State was able to (when New York ended the collection of the state sales tax of 4%) opt-in to continue collecting the county tax. The county that will now be saying good-bye to the county collection of sales tax, is Dutchess County.

So, are taxes going to just go up somewhere else in Dutchess County?


While most public officials will continually tell us that they are 'doing their best' to keep taxes down, anything is possible. Is this a permanent removal of the Dutchess County portion of the sales tax? Yes, it is permanent for now. As with the New York State portion, it could potentially return once it is approved by the higher ups. Just saying that it is potentially possible, but not that anyone is looking to go that route at this time.

Will this make a difference in what you purchase?

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