It's the most wonderful time...of the year.

Nope, not early for the holidays, just a Hudson Valley mom thinking about the fact that the start of another school year is just a few weeks away.  Not that I don't enjoy 'summer vacation' with my almost 7-year-old daughter, it's just, not a vacation at all, right?

I don't know about you, but our back-to-school shopping is in full swing.  This is the first year that my kid has really been vocal about what clothing and shoes she wants (ew mom, not the light up sneakers, what am I, 5?).  While many of my fellow parents are preparing to hit the local stores to stock up on goods for the kids, just a reminder about the Dutchess County sales tax situation...and it's a good situation, too.

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Dutchess County, One of Nine Counties Across NY To Eliminate County Sales Tax on Clothing & Footwear Under $110

You may remember back in February, it was announced that one county in the Hudson Valley was going to eliminate county sales tax on clothing and footwear items under $110, and that county was Dutchess.  Essentially, Dutchess County opted out of collecting the county tax, effective March 1st.  This move was part of the 'Dutchess County Budget which delivered sustained tax relief to county residents with more than $20 million in annual tax relief, including the largest property tax decrease in County history.'

Shoppers heading out and preparing to load their children's closets with the latest fashion trends and shoes, or replace those pants that are now capri pants can do so while staying under budget in Dutchess County. So long as the items are $110 or less, they are exempt from county sales tax and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District tax (MTA), for a total tax elimination of 4.125% across Dutchess County.

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flytosky11 for Canva

How Does the Tax Exemption Work, Is It Per Item?

In a statement issued by the Dutchess County Executive's Office, they shared that the 'sales tax exemption is a per-item exemption' - meaning - if none of the individual items purchased exceed the $110 price mark, no sales tax will be charged.  With the price tag on just about everything going up these days, you're sure to notice the savings on your receipt.

While many of our surrounding states do tax-free weekends during the summer or in the weeks leading up to back-to-school, this tax exemption runs year round in Dutchess County. Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro shared that

Back-to-school shopping is a big part of families’ budget. In Dutchess County, we are doing all we can to provide inflation relief to residents including no sales tax on essential clothing and footwear purchases. This provides families real savings at a time when prices continue to rise.

Will this change your approach to back-to-school shopping this year?

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