Cleaning out the garage and seeing that you have a few propane tanks, the ones for the BBQ sitting there, maybe with some rust?

How do you get rid of these things safely in New York State? Is it tough? Does it cost a lot of money? Can you just toss them in the trash?

What is the best way to get rid of old propane tanks in New York State?

Propane Tank

Probably the safest (and least expensive) way is to take them to a community hazardous waste disposal. Check with your county. These are great because you can usually get rid of a few more things than just your old, rusted tank.

What if you are still needing to have a propane tank for BBQ season?


Ok, this might be a little sketchy, but it's still safe. You take your rusted tank or your older tank, but you still need to have one? Instead of taking it to get it refilled, take it to one of those places where you can just exchange it. Yep, not a place where anyone actually helps you, but maybe one of the larger home stores where they have propane tank exchanges. You pay for the tank that is filled and ready to go, then you put your old nasty tank in its spot.

What if you just want them gone, and are willing to pay a few bucks to do it?

Small take holding propane used for a family grill

Believe it or not, some gas companies will take them off your hands for a small 'recycling fee.' You might end up paying more than if you were to take it to a community hazardous recycling day, but they would be off your hands, and out of your way. Good luck.

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