Wait...who complained about the name?

I recently became a full-time Dutchess County resident after a few years of commuting back and forth. I've been learning a lot about the surrounding towns and recently learned some pretty cool facts about one in particular.

Oh did I mention the town is Fishkill, here's what's happened there:

Place of importance:

This is pretty cool, at one time the town of Fishkill served as the state capital. Fishkill was also reportedly home to the first Post Office in New York State, so when you think of getting your mail you can think of Fishkill.

Another important purpose:

Fishkill was an important factor in the Revolutionary War, sources say a large military encampment was set up a little bit below the village and this helped guard the mountain pass to the south. Wow.

Now some controversy:

Allegedly around 1996, PETA (the animal rights group) suggested that Fishkill should change its name to something that is less violent and by that they meant less violent towards fish. Officials reportedly declined to do this because they said the name is not about something violent, it comes from the first settlers of the land. Besides, the Hudson Valley is full of "kills." You know you're kinda famous when a well-known group decides to come after you.

If you do know more cool facts about Fishkill or have a fun memory from there, send it in on the station app.

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