Are you already starting to dread the Summer of 2021? Are you asking yourself, 'What am I going to do with the kids? Will there be anything for them to do outside or just plain out of the house this summer?'

The Dutchess County Parks department is attempting to give kids of all ages programs for the summer and even a few that start before the end of the month with their naturalists classes. Where are these events, classes or whatever you want to call them are to be held? Why your favorite Dutchess County Park, Bowdin Park.

For instance here are a few weekend programs that are taking place in March and with Spring in the air, and slightly warmer days, learning how to make Maple Syrup is just one of the programs that will be held there this month.

Keep in mind that each one of their programs will have a limit to keep to the CDC Covid guidelines, so if you are thinking about participating, you will want to go ahead and make your reservations to you don't miss out.

Maple syrup not your thing if you have to make it yourself? Maybe learning how to paint is more your speed? There will be a three-week learn to paint sessions for kids 10 to 18. Then the programs continue with an opportunity for kids and adults to learn archery. This is just the start of it.

The programs/current schedule are only posted through the end of April. For more details about ongoing programs at anyone of the Dutchess County Parks, click here. 

What were some of your most enjoyable experiences visiting Bowdin Park? Was it the many times you went there to see 4th of July fireworks? Or was it many of the public concerts? Or maybe just an event with your family? Share those memories with us.

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