Let's face it, our pets make our lives better on a daily basis. At times, we wonder what we would do without them. They make us laugh, smile, and ultimately, show us unconditional love.

More than ever, we are adopting these loving fur babies and pet owners would agree that it's the best decision that was ever made.

Growing up, I always had cats and dogs which allowed me to become more of an animal lover over the years. I also volunteered my time with a local humane society and I'm so thankful that I did.

Not only did I adopt my cat Katie from there, but helped with making sure the cats had what they needed. It was my job to make sure they had proper care, were given love and attention and at times, were adopted out to the best fur-ever homes.

Life is better with a pet or two.


Since our pets have become our entire world, what wouldn't we do for them? Pet owners understand the feeling of giving them everything. However, it's also our job as their caretakers to make sure that they are safe, protected, and healthy.

There are many ways that Hudson Valley pet owners can care for their furbabies.

When outdoors, be sure to never leave your pet unattended. During the warmer months, we may feel that it's okay to let our pets run free. However, it's crucial to make sure that you see them, know their whereabouts, and never let them out of your sight. With the recent wildlife spottings, it's important to keep them close by.

Hudson Valley pet owners should avoid this dangerous plant.

This dangerous plant can leave owners with blisters and burns. It is unknown what will happen to animals that interact with it. However, be sure to keep your pets away from water containing fatal bacteria this summer.

Keep your pets away from these bodies of water in the Hudson Valley.


On a hot, summer day, it only feels right to jump into a pool, lake, or body of water to cool off. Our dogs may also enjoy this even more than us. 

When was the last time that you checked the water before your pet jumped in?

This bacteria can be harmful to us but more so, to our animals. Cyanobacterial blooms can be found in the Hudson Valley and should be AVOIDED.

This can also be known as blue-green algae. However, cyanobacterial blooms are ultimately organisms that are found in water and can be commonly found in freshwater. This consists of streams, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

This type of bacteria in water can be fatal to animals.


This bacteria can produce a toxin that can be toxic to animals. If ingested, it can cause the animal to get sick and could cause death. The time frame would consist of hours to days later. It's unknown and best to avoid bodies of water that may contain this.

However, residents are confused about how to identify this bacteria in the water. Just by appearance, it's hard to detect if the water has cyanobacterial blooms in it.


There are signs to be on the lookout for before heading into any body of water.

Be on the lookout for any foam on or around the water's surface. Also, if there are mats around and streaks in the water, it's best to leave it alone.

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If the water has different colors, once again, avoid it at all costs. There's also a chance that the bloom can smell similar to dying or rotting plants. This bacteria can bloom at any time but it's more likely to happen during the warm, summer days.

When in doubt, avoid water that looks like not only for your pet's safety but for yours as well.

Where is your favorite place to take your dog swimming? Share with us below. Be safe this summer and have fun!

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