While it's still the month of August, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is already looking ahead the next three months. The agency has released their fall weather outlook for New York state, as some here may be wondering if it's going to get any cooler or dryer any time soon.

This summer has been a bit crazy for weather across New York and most of the country. In June, skies across many parts of the state turned to an eerie yellowish-orange color from drifting smoke from Canadian wildfires.

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This was followed by areas of unpredicted flash flooding, and repeated rounds of severe storms that brought damaging winds and tornadoes across the region.

Fall Weather Forecast For New York? 

NOAA released their 90-day outlook for September through November, and it looks like the warmer than usual weather will stick around across New York through November.

What's been driving the wacky weather across the country this year is a powerful El Niño. According to National Geographic, El Niño is a climate pattern that describes the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean. El Niño can produce "widespread and sometimes severe changes in the climate."

However, El Niños don't always come at regulars intervals or cycles. But there are also different varieties of the phenomenon, with events bringing severe winters to areas like New York during the winter, while other El Niños increasing tornado activity across the U.S.

According to PIX11, the National Weather Service said there’s a 99% chance El Niño will stick around through fall and a 95% chance it will last through early 2024.

NOAA predicts that precipitation around New York and the Northeast should be around normal for the next three months ahead.

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