As September rolls in, we can't help but think about what to expect this fall.

No, we're not talking about any "potential spikes" here. We're talking about the one thing that the Hudson Valley can all agree is the best part about living in New York: Fall Foliage.

We don't need scientific proof, as Hudson Valley'ers we know that come the end of September beginning of October is the best time of year around town. We're lucky enough to get a front row seat to watch the green leaves start changing into those beautiful hues of orange, yellow and red.

SmokeyMountains.Com shared their predictions about when we can expect those deep colors to pop across the US.

Needless to say, we only care about when our leaves will hit the peak.

On their interactive map it looks like we might have to wait a little longer than usual to see our peak. If I remember correctly, in 2019 the leaves started hitting that peak stride around the first week of October. According to the map, by October 12th parts of the Hudson Valley will have near peak conditions and by October 19th we'll be just getting past peak and the trees start to become bare.

Have you ever wondered why leaves fall from trees? If you're like me and answered "yes" have no fear. Smokey Mountains broke it down for us explaining "In order to cope with the grueling winter temperatures, trees slowly close off the veins that carry water and nutrients to and from the leaves with a layer of new cells that form at the base of the leaf stem, protecting the limbs and body of the tree."

You learn something new every day.

Are you excited for fall foliage to hit the Hudson Valley?

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