The English language is tricky, and chances are there are a few words you have mispronounced without even realizing it.

Lucy, an English teacher in the U.K. who shares content on TikTok, recently went viral for sharing five very common words most people mispronounce. Thankfully, she also shared her lingual wisdom and revealed how to say the words correctly.

In her viral TikTok video, Lucy defines the word "mischievous" as "enjoying playing tricks and annoying people."

She pronounces the word for viewers as "mis-chuh-vuhs," revealing many people add an "i" sound. ("Look at the spelling," she says.)

Up next, Lucy takes on the popularly mispronounced word "prerogative," which she defines as an "exclusive or special right, power, or privilege."

"I hear a lot of people saying 'per-rah-guh-tuhv.' It should be 'preh-rah-guh-tuhv,'" she explains.

"Larvae," the plural of larva and the third misquoted word, "should be lahr-vee," Lucy explains, "not 'lahr-vay."

Number four on Lucy's list is "Celtic," which the English teacher describes as "relating to the Celts or their languages."

Celtic should be pronounced "kel-tik" with a hard "k" sound rather than a soft "s" sound.

Finally, her video clip ends with the word "specific," which she describes as something that is clearly defined or identified.

Lucy reminds viewers the word is not the same as "pacific" and should be pronounced as "spah-sifik."

Watch her video breakdown below:

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