Hudson Valley riders should review the changes to see how they will impact their commute.

Getting around the Hudson Valley can be a pain at times, but Dutchess County Public Transit is making some positive changes that will benefit riders. According to DCPT, they have done an extensive study on how to make changes by using industry expert Nelson/Nygaard, listening to feedback from passengers, passenger counts per trip and feedback from employees.

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So what are the big changes that will be happening?

Changes that will be coming to Dutchess County Public Transit:

  • New hourly service on the system's most popular routes (A, B)
  • New or expanded service to employers including the Amazon Facility and iPark in East Fishkill and the new Dutchess County southern campus in Fishkill
  • All routes have been simplified to travel the same path for every run to eliminate confusion
  • More routes will become more direct due to the changes and that will create shorter trips for senior citizens
  • The modifications will also allow for the expansion of the County's curb-to-curb, on-demand Flex Service

Sounds like a lot of improvement will be happening.

How do you find out more information on the changes being made by Dutchess County Public Transit?

There are a few ways, A series of meetings will be held to share the information and anyone who attends them will be given a free ride to the meeting.

Meeting times:

  • December 11th (today) starting at 4:00pm at the Millbrook Library
  • December 12th starting at noon at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Community Room in Poughkeepsie
  • December 12th starting at 6:00pm at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Community Room in Poughkeepsie
  • December 14th starting at 6:00pm at the Rhinebeck Town Hall in Rhinebeck

Sounds like a lot of positive changes will be happening with the new year.

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