Riders might notice some changes as they make their way around the Hudson Valley.

Many people commute in the Hudson Valley and rely heavily on Metro-North to get them around safely. Sadly, we live in a world where people abuse good things and make it complicated for the rest of us.

Metro-North has been having to deal with people trying to ride for free and trying to evade paying fares. Metro-North recently announced that they will be trying out something new and the hope is to help with this problem.

What's Metro-North doing to help improve its fare system?

According to Metro-North, riders could have their ticket visually inspected before heading on board. They further explained that this is a new pilot that they are trying at some stations and they are doing this to make sure everyone had a valid ticket before boarding. Metro-North also mentioned that they hope this will improve fare collection and fare evasion.

They thanked everyone for their cooperation during this time. As far as which stops, no specific details have been listed or given out.

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I remember being on the train one time and someone ended up making their way on it with no ticket and their credit card kept bouncing every time they tried to purchase one online. Needless to say, it was anything but a pleasant experience and it was actually a bit scary.

What do you think of this new pilot? Have you ever been on the train when someone got on and didn't pay? Share your answers with us on the station app.

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