The Hudson Valley is full of beautiful trails and linear parks that are open to the public year-round. People walk, run, bike, and even ski the trails depending on the weather. If you have ever walked some of these trails you know that they can be long and in some places a bit underpopulated.

When I say unpopulated I am really saying that they are tree-lined and quiet. After all many of our local greenways that people enjoy for recreation are actually old railbeds that extend between towns and locations. Some of those areas can be very wooded and secluded even if they are very popular with the walking crowd.

Dutchess County Sheriff's Office Assigns Full-Time ATV Patrols

I am not sure if it is due to the frequent use of the trails, their distance, or the fact that they can be rural in nature but no matter what the reason it is nice to see that in Dutchess County the Sheriff's Office has assigned a new patrol. You may have already seen them on the trails or in the parks. You may also have caught them in the recent 4th of July Parade in Hyde Park.

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I am talking about the full-time ATV patrol that has been created for the North Side Line and other county spots popular with the public, such as the Dutchess Rail Trail, Wilcox Park, Bowdoin Park, and Quiet Cove.

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The patrol will be active 7 days a week for the 2023 Summer season. By the looks on their faces, it seems the patrol is looking forward to a fun safe summer for all of us. The Sheriff's Department also wants to remind everyone that while you are out enjoying the summer please remember to call 911 immediately if you have an emergency, and non-emergency complaints can be directed to the Sheriff’s Office Communications Bureau at 845-486-3800.

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