I’ve lived in Dutchess County for almost three decades, and I do love living here. But sometimes you need a reminder of just how great something is, and I got that reminder from a popular travel show on PBS. Dutchess County is pretty awesome.

The show is Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, and she happened to film an episode recently in which the place she was loving was Dutchess County. I’ve been a Samantha Brown fan for years, so I was pretty excited to find out that she was right down the street from my house. Literally walking distance from my house. Two blocks.

So, where in Dutchess County did Samantha visit? Of course she went to the Walkway Over the Hudson. It’s one of most popular attractions in Dutchess County and the views can’t be beat. I can’t imagine somebody doing a show about Dutchess without a trip to the Walkway. From the Walkway, she headed to a section of Poughkeepsie known as Little Italy, and she stopped at Essie’s Restaurant. While she was in Poughkeepsie, Samantha paid a visit to the Barrett Art Center on Noxon Street in the City.

Samantha also went to Hyde Park, where she visited the Roosevelt’s Springwood Estate, and Val-kill, which was Eleanor Roosevelt’s cottage. Then she headed out toward Millbrook for stops at Innisfree Garden and she did some shooting at Orvis Sandanona Sporting Clays Course. And then Samantha took a trip to Millerton where she stopped at McEnroe’s Organic Farm Market along the way. In Millerton she went to the world famous Harney and Sons Tea Company.

I have to tell you honestly, I’ve yet to actually see it. But I went to her website to read all about the Dutchess County episode, and it’s awesome. I can tell already. I have 5 or 6 PBS stations with my provider, but I did a search and I either missed it or they haven’t aired it. PBS stations vary from place to place and from cable provider to cable provider. I’m going to keep checking mine, and if you’re from the Dutchess County area, you should too.

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